Friday, March 11, 2005

late start

Why did I linger over breakfast this morning? No reason except wanting.

The artist Keri Smith drew an illustration of clothes she wants to wear very badly (all flimsy skirts and flip flops). I second the motion, and would like to add, here in the last push of winter...

Things I want to write very badly:
  • the last chapter of a novel
  • a screenplay with my sister
  • a scene where my main character get kissed, possibly in a darkroom
  • something with animals
  • something in a gazebo
  • something without snow
  • a poem with mud
  • a poem with grass, the bare toe kind
  • a poem that pushes three pages
  • a song that does not suck and does not require venturing upstairs to the cold piano
  • really anything not sucking would be fine