Thursday, April 21, 2005

build a new world

build a new little world –-Laurel Snyder

My new little world is called summer. It is coming very soon. It will feature camping in the wilds of West Virginia, teaching high school students, getting my hair cut in a fancy city chair, eating in fancy city restaurants, finding Bigfoot, finding me a new scent.

...A story about scent:

Vanilla and I go way back, first meeting my wrist in the late teens. A friend wrote a story about a vanilla-smelling girl who went away so her boyfriend went to the store and bought vanilla lotion, vanilla spray. He bathed in vanilla to remember her.

I think kitchen. I think cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg, thyme.

My nickname in England was “Cookies” because a tutor came in the room and said, Is someone baking cookies?

Also, has anyone heard of Century 1885 perfume? A student just breezed in smelling delicious…

My new world will also smell delicious, the smell of Earl Grey cookies, and honeysuckle, and ceiling fans looping. There will be no decisions, no contracts, no papers. I will wear skirts every day and gauzy sandals and maybe let my hair go curly. There will be rolling hills, and strawberry stands, a lavender festival, a trip.

Summer for a teacher is freedom, adventure, library books, time. Last summer was all waking late and going for a run, then writing four to six hours on the back porch. Tell your friends. That world would be fine.