Tuesday, April 12, 2005

nothing better

...than taking a bath in daylight, late spring, 7:30, the light breaking over the lip of the tub. Boys running in the backyard, the wash hanging.

Unless it is writing on a Saturday night, as a friend once said.

All right. I admit it. I tried to TASTE my Lush solid bubble bar. Just a little lick of the brown sugar cube on top. It smelled like ice cream, and it looked so creamy and frothy and good and was fist-sized and fit in my fist. And after the water had drained from the tub, it smelled of pina colodas and chocolate malts and reminded me of England. And if I had known that, I would have smuggled more in my red suitcase from Canada.

Yesterday was saved by:

-this poem
-writing my own poem
-a friend unexpectedly bringing over a frozen chocolate banana making kit
-making said frozen bananas