Sunday, August 28, 2005

the pole dance was a tie

Apocalypse Chang, Action Amber, Cecily, Darcy, Al, Matt, Other Matt, Justin, G.C., Jericho, James, Sarah, Robin, Meghan, Geri, Paul, Young Elliot, Turkey Buzzard, Rachel, Abby, Dora, Amaud, Cherenee, Catherine, Tim, Ed, Paul, Jeff, Ross, B.J., Victoria, Schneiderman, Space Kadetsky, Tom, K., Kyle, fiction writer on the fire escape, imaginary B.L.B.F. who will remain anonymous ( could you please?), motorcylist, field, other field, stars, roof, lake of the universe, agents scratching at the door, porches, hayride, car ride, bottle party, bonfire, fireplace, barn, Brigit, everything I've forgotten, foxes, goodbye.

I love you. I would tap all of you.

Good night.

See you in Texas.

anything goes