Thursday, October 13, 2005

comfort mix

Most all the music I know or hope to know is stored on my little blue, nameless i-pod, and I've been sorting it around, making playlists, like the mixed tapes I used to love, stay up all night making for someone I wanted, decorate the cover with magazine pictures and glue. I have a playlist for: the Breadloaf Writers Conference (songs about the moon, and rain, and stars, and rivers, and Kylie Minogue)...

a playlist called Love's Recovery
a playlist called Love's Recovery II
a playlist of Piano Songs
Guitar Songs
Folkier Songs
Sexy Songs
Techno That Doesn't Suck
Work Songs (classical music to write to)
Chicago Songs (Wilco, Ryan Adams' "Wonderwall,")
Saturday Morning in Fall Songs

And now I want a playlist of Comfort Songs, songs to make you feel better, songs like soft pajamas and matinees and tea and sweaters and ice cream and soup. I want to listen to it writing. I want to listen to it walking to the subway, the park, school, through fog of my own and earth's making.

What songs would you put on? What songs console?