Friday, November 18, 2005

oh my

They told me about this, months ago, but I didn't believe them.

Listen to my words on the radio!

This aired June 16, 2005 on Open Source, a public radio broadcast, for a show called "Blogsday." In honor of the anniversary of Joyce's Bloomsday, an hour's worth of blogs were read, including my own. My piece is the last one. It includes a hula-hoop. You can download the file, and when you listen, scroll ahead to 48:57, or the last three minutes. I'll find a better way to make it available soon.

It is a long, secret dream of mine to be on the radio. I'll never be singing, never come out of a car stereo as we're driving, top down--I know this now--corn rolling by green, and it's summer, and you love me, and I'm wearing a blue ribbon to keep back my hair, and when we hear it, we get excited, and turn it up, and my ribbon blows away into the dust.

But this is close. Thanks, guys.