Friday, April 14, 2006

calling high school poets!

Are you a high school student, or recent graduate, or do you have one in your family, or teach one, or know one? Would you like to study poetry with me this summer?

Come, come come to this workshop!

You would, do you know why?

It will change your life, and you are due.
Ohio in the summer is a shower of green.
We give scholarships. Generously and always.
You will meet your best friends there.
You might fall in love.
You can study fiction and nonfiction.
I will take you to a graveyard.
You can call me by my first name.
You can cuss in my classroom.
We will read writers still alive.
We will read poetry that knocks off your socks.
You will learn to tell your story.
You don't have to raise your hand.
We will go bowling or swimming.
We will stay up late and get up early.
I will stay up too.
I will do the writing exercises along with you.
I will eat in the terrible cafeteria with you.
We can talk about college.
There is ice cream involved.
I will listen to you.
I will love you forever; you don't even know.