Monday, May 01, 2006

how much breath

Happy May Day! Now is when it really gets good.

This morning, I had a Blackbird wake me, the kind folks who just put up not only two of my poems, and reading-looped them along, but also the poems of not one, not two, but THREE of my friends! You have good taste, young Blackbird. Jen Chang Jen Chang, best high-fiver in the world, firecracker (ahh! I'm sorry I haven't written!). Rocking Ed Skoog who will you led you up or down a fire escape to safety. And Christine Perrine, lovely lovely angel of calm.

They have also posted audio files of me reading in a vaulted corner of the Austin, TX Convention Center. It was very strange; a pigeon flew through. I can't get the files to work because I have a recycled mac. If you do, let me know how much stuttering and how much breath.

In other news, a little bouncy, soulful Sarah Slean goes in the headphones and the girl goes running.

In other news, I am wishing wishing wishing I was in your arms on top of the wonder wheel, still.

If you find me a maypole with ribbons, I will twirl and twine them around and around you.