Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the best thing that happened to me today (so far)

The girl behind the cash register at the electronics store, after dealing with the unwanted advances of a short bodybuilder buying a combat video game and microwave popcorn, after wading through insults about the line’s slowness from an tired angry woman with a basset hound’s face, this high school girl looped thick tape around my new printer’s box and left extra sticking up at the top, loops and loops of tape for me to hold, making a handle, like a basket, so I wouldn’t have to carry the big box in my arms all the way home, which was sizable and required trains.

Also a girl stood outside the diamond store beating with a fork on a glass flask full of diamonds and calling in accented English: diamond sale.

And also I stepped on a watermelon peel.

I am waiting for something good.