Friday, September 29, 2006

broken machines

I don’t miss my i-pod much.

Sometimes, when I need to walk fast. Or, on long train rides when I’ve made regrettable book choices, which I have of late. But as a person with congenital hearing loss, I probably should stay away from those things anyway. Also, I can summon up in my head whatever song I want. Often, songs I don’t want (truly, Rudie can’t fail).

As for my camera, missing its chip for months and sent to the company for repairs months earlier, well, I made do, and I ended up falling in love with another camera. Also, with the photographer.

But there are times when I need an instant machine, when I would like a way to show you immediately what I am seeing.

Yesterday, I checked my mailbox after a summer’s neglect. Along with the old missed party invites, book announcements, desposit slips, and magazines, was a large bendy yellow thing. A Sponge Bob Square Pants figurine with a Post-It note attached, a yellow Post-It—no name, no signature—that said only in plain black ink: love me.

That can I do.