Tuesday, January 30, 2007


A rose in my path. Dinner of artichoke hearts and lamb. "Cheese of the month club" from my husband*. Waking up to snow. Waking up to FIVE Regina Spektor CDs laid out across cherry marzipan stolin and two new books. Marzipan potatoes. Unmentionables. Two more books. Teaching an amazing class. Wonderful, warm, loving students. Notes from former students (hi Jen, hi Justin, hi Jess, hi Dawn). Calls from friends. The best burger in NYC. Being serenaded by a restaurant, led by a woman in a fur coat who yelled at the businessmen who weren’t singing (What’s the matter with you? They’re adorable! Adorable! Sing!). Being serenaded over the phone by in-laws, complete with dog chorus. Crème brulee with a candle. Teaching my stepson how to ice skate. Birthday frog from said stepson. My friend Maria had her baby. My husband’s poem. My own essay, which is tumbling on like a ribbon. Family. Marriage. True, steady love.

*possibly the next logical step after the "bacon of the month club" which I gave him for Christmas.