Monday, January 08, 2007

The new issue of Sou’Wester (Fall 2006) from Southern Illinois University is out with my poem "Palms."

Contributor copies arrived last week. The cover is blue as a ballroom.

I am also pleased to report, on a cold Sunday afternoon, while we listened to seventies radio hits and did spring-like cleaning and ate olives and chocolates with pears and strawberries and pepper and the super fixed the shower, finally...I finished writing my second novel.

I haven’t mentioned much about it because it took me by surprise. It took three months compared to the first one’s three years.

Writing another novel feels like waking up. It feels calm and excited at the same time. It feels like: of course this is my life. Of course I will do this again and again. Every day is welcome, clear and close, expecting joy.

It feels a lot like marriage, actually.