Thursday, March 01, 2007

watching from the wall

In Nashville Scene, there’s a new review of the anthology Literary Cash, for which I contributed an essay, and my piece is mentioned in the review. An excerpt:

The book’s more fanciful works, on the other hand, are far more interesting. Of these, the most effective illuminate the way women experience Cash... In her essay, "Ring of Fire," for example, poet Alison Stine sees Cash as a mentor of sorts: a fallible ghost who requires that she write the truth.

Thanks to the reviewer, Paul Griffith, for alerting me to this review, and for taking a closer look at the book!

Words on Walls is now live with a whopping four of my essays! Read them here. Prose makes me dizzy. I have trouble re-reading my stories. With so many words, how can they all be okay? But they made them okay. Thank you, ladies!

Stay cool, Atlanta. Don’t drink so much. Remember to sleep. And if you meet a stranger? Say yes.