Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Opportunity for Grad Students

Are you a grad student looking to get into book reviewing?  Maybe you want more publications, to get your foot in the door at a journal, or to fill out the vita? Or maybe you just finally want to be heard? 

I have a new book, and I’d love for someone with a young, energetic, and NEW voice to say something about it.  I’d love to know what YOU think.  Due to budget restraints, my press can’t afford to simply send the book out to you, and I know you can’t afford to just buy it (I’m a grad student too… I know what we get paid).    

So here’s the deal.  If you write book reviews, or have ever wanted to, or think you might want to try, send me an email:

I’ll send you a Pdf or Word file of my book via email right away.  Look it over.  If you think it’s something you might want to write about, email me again, and I’ll mail you a free copy of the real thing.  

Free.  For you.  With stickers, if that’s how you like your mail (it’s how I like mine). I can even send you a list of literary journals and editors that are actively looking for reviews, and might be good places for you.

Make your voice heard.  Tell the poetry world what YOU think.  Say something about a book.  

It was written for you, after all.